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Banarasi Hub

Banarasi Hub is a homegrown brand, where theessence of timeless elegance meets the artistry of Indian craftsmanship byweaving threads of heritage into wearable art. We are a cherished child of atimeless legacy Roop Shree, that has graced the vibrant lanes of Varanasi fordecades.

Banarasi Hub feelsprivileged in being able to carry forward the torch of Banarasi textiles,upholding the same values of authenticity and artistry. Every creation from thehouse of Banarasi hub reflects our love for the art and the soul of the city.Our journey begins with tradition and innovation inter-wining to create thefinest saris, suits, dupattas and fabrics. Rooted in the very soil of Varanasi,Banarasi Hub takes pride in bringing authenticity through their creations whichare not just pieces of clothing, but a true testament to the threads ofheritage of our land. Each design is a labor of love, woven by adept artisans,who have inherited the secrets of this craft that have been passed down throughtheir ancestors.
Our Legacy
In the heart of the ancient city of Varanasi,where the Ganges flows gracefully and history whispers through the narrowalleyways, a legacy was born in 1980 - Roopshree, a timeless Banarasi sareebrand. For over four decades, we have woven threads of tradition and heritageinto every exquisite piece, crafting sarees that embody the essence of India'srich cultural tapestry.
Our journey began with afamily-owned store, where he procured merchandise from the weavers and soldthem to other wholesaler’s and retailers. With a dream and deep passion forpreserving the art of Banarasi weaving, our founder Shri Purushottam LaljiAgrawal set out to create sarees that would stand the test of time.
As one of the largest manufacturers ofBanarasi Silk and Fancy Sarees, our skilled artisans, trained in thetraditional techniques of weaving, painstakingly bring every saree to life.From the intricate zari work to the vibrant colors, each element reflects thededication and mastery of our craftsmen.
While we hold traditionclose to our hearts, we also embrace innovation. From the bustling markets ofVaranasi, Mr. Lokesh Agrawal, son of Purushottamji, and his wife Mrs. PoojaAgrawal are set to conquer the world stage, and have now expanded their  reach while staying true to their roots withtheir online brand Banarasi Hub. With the increasing popularity of Banarasiclothing, and the demand for the same, they have come up with their OnlineStore to cater to lakhs of lovers around the world of this wearable art.
As an extension of thisstoried legacy, Banarasi Hub will continue to weave dreams, one saree at atime, and we invite you to be part of our timeless legacy. Join us incelebrating the artistry, elegance, and enduring beauty of Banarasi sarees, andexperience the magic of tradition through every drape.

Team Banarasi Hub